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LIMS.com is an educational site dedicated to provide the industry with content focused on critical aspects of a Laboratory Information Management Solution (LIMS).


LIMS Deployment: An Integral Component for Manufacturing Operations Excellence

Organizations that operate over multiple plant locations have the significant pressure to reduce overall costs, launch products on-time, and ramp time to peak sales. Because different functional areas strive for ways to improve efficiencies (i.e. production planning requires real-time decision support, while QA/QC needs higher visibility to the quality results), the new need is for harmonizing work practices among disparate sites. This includes enhancing Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA) processes to fully track requests and optimize customer satisfaction.

LIMS Governance: Configuring for the Global Supply Chain of the Future

For many organizations, the value of their current laboratory information management systems (LIMS) has run its course. As many companies look to harmonize their manufacturing processes around the world, ad-hoc functionality has been applied to disparate legacy LIMS in each facility, in an effort to achieve this aggressive goal. However, a divergence of processes has been formed among the different facilities, and organizations have fallen short of achieving their desired results for global operation efficiency and quality assurance. At the same time, information technology (IT) resources have been exhausted on managing numerous, cumbersome legacy LIMS systems, storing redundant data in multiple languages and inconsistent formats.

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Replacement LIMS: Configuring for the Future

For many of the very early adopters of laboratory information management systems (LIMS), much of the return on investment in these early systems has run its course. The early LIMS were purchased and customized to address specific laboratory requirements and were effective production, automation and research tools. However, as new laboratory technology and process changes have been introduced over the past 20-plus years, LIMS to support these changes has also evolved significantly.

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How Differences in Technology Affect LIMS Functionality, Cost, & ROI

The task of selecting the best LIMS for an organization becomes even more complicated because many of the terms used to describe very different LIMS and system architectures are used interchangeably. This article will provide clarification of the terms as well as the capabilities of each type of solution.

Increase Your Return on Investment (ROI) with Thin-Client M18N Solutions

Successful companies leverage their assets to achieve operational efficiencies. By streamlining work processes and reducing redundant systems, such companies ensure that their products and services are made and delivered to consistently high standards worldwide. However, companies have faced significant challenges in addressing these goals with their laboratory information management systems (LIMS). This is because most LIMS available on the market today are thick client or web-enabled solutions that require multiple servers or end-user thick-clients. Most of these systems have poor multinationalization capabilities for end users and for information technology (IT) departments.

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Driving Decision Support - Reporting & Analytics of LIMS Data

Hosted by: Tom Wilkie, Editor-in-Chief, Scientific Computing World

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) play a key role as a source of critical scientific and product related information. However, to-date most organizations have been limited in their ability to leverage LIMS data for effective, real-time decision support. Now, by providing real-time data integration, reporting, analytics, and data visualization capabilities, LIMS can provide effective business insights for operational intelligence. Ultimately, decision makers, both inside and outside of the laboratory, can rapidly identify critical issues and trends to make earlier, more informed decisions.

LIMS Flexibility

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